Tuesday, February 18, 2014

Book Review: BOY SWAP by Kristina Springer

by Kristina Springer

Release date: November 13, 2013
Publisher: Self Published
Genre: Young Adult Contemporary
Pages: 120

Boy Swap: The secret to sisterly love and scholarly bliss.

Research shows that seven out of ten girl fights are over a guy. The Boy Swap Club fixes all that. In an effort to spread around male cuteness and minimize fights and backstabbing, they just share boyfriends. And Brooke Thomas, consummate band member, has been asked to join the super secret club because the president of the club has the hots for her guy.

Brooke doesn't want to share her boyfriend. I mean, who does? But how can she say no? She, a second chair flutist in the school band, finds herself sitting between the Varsity Cheerleader Captain and the Homecoming Queen at the first meeting. Her friends will never believe this in a million years. Too bad she can’t tell them. But she knows. This one event can change her entire life. What if she becomes actual friends with one of these girls? It might be worth sharing her boyfriend.

Besides, he'll always love her best, right?

Fictitious Delicious Rating: 5

It's official. I'm a Kristina Springer fangirl.  THE BOY SWAP delivered in the same way THE PAPARAZZI PROJECT did, only with a little more meat this time around.  Both of these stories revolve around a message that is subtly delivered throughout the novel.  They're important messages that girls specifically would benefit from learning early in their life and because of that fact, I think this book would be a great one to share with younger readers of the YA genre.

I can't think of one thing I would have wanted to see play out differently in this story.  Brooke is that cool girl just on the outside of the ring of popularity with a boyfriend that is a hottie, hottie, mo-bobbie.  The most popular girl in the entire universe has her sights set on said hottie of a boyfriend and invites Brooke into the exclusive Boy Swap Club.  Once Brooke becomes a member of this exclusive club (with highly fashionable scarves!) she must be okay with other members dating her boyfriend. Sounds a little weird, right? *shrugs* It probably is, but it also makes for a really fun read.  See, the boyfriends have NO IDEA that their girlfriends have okay'd members of this club to date them.  Brooke and her boyfriend, Chris, have a strong relationship and watching how this new "twist" effects that relationship is ridiculously entertaining.  It's the reason I had to read this in one sitting.

Springer nails those awkward, roller coaster feelings of high school. I saw a little bit of myself in Brooke and was glad to see that she learns the lesson Springer brings to the story with a whole lot of grace.  Yay, Brooke!

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  1. I got angina just reading the summary. I'm not sure I could read this one. lol


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